Equipment Rental Program 

Rental Program 1

At Kings Energy Services we have a wide range of equipment available to rent. We have everything you need to ensure your systems remain in top operating condition.


Our extensive products for rent include:

Hat Logos Rental Chart Recorder up to 15,000 psi

Hat Logos Driflo Meters

Hat Logos Deadweights

Hat Logos Dataloggers

Hat Logos PD Meters

Hat Logos Roots Meters

Hat Logos Turbines / Flow Meters

Hat Logos Totalizers

Hat Logos Meter Runs / Orifice fittings

Hat Logos Gauges up to 20,000 psi

Hat Logos Chemical injection pumps

Hat Logos Portable LP Test Separator

Hat Logos Pressure Relief Valves

Hat Logos Ball Valves

Hat Logos Gate Valves

Hat Logos Test Manifolds and Many others…

We have everything you need to ensure that your systems remain in top condition.  Our equipment provides dependable performance, convenience, and accuracy.  

Please call our head office for all your rental requirements.