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Saf-T-Matic ESD Valve Achieves API 6D Certification: A Testament to its Reliability in the Oil & Gas Industry 


[Red Deer, AB October 11, 2023] - Kings Energy Services Ltd. (Kings Energy), the exclusive holder of all manufacturing, distribution,  and trademark rights to the Saf-T-Matic Valve, is proud to announce that the Saf-T-Matic has successfully achieved API 6D Certification. This certification further solidifies the valve's position as an industry-leading solution for flow control. 

For decades, the Saf-T-Matic has been recognized as an established, reliable, and effective tool in the oil & gas sector. Its superior design ensures a safe and convenient method for controlling the shutdown of flow lines when pressures deviate from pre-determined limits. Whether it's oil well flow lines, gas lines, hydraulic lines, or any application requiring stringent high- and low-pressure controls, the Saf-T-Matic delivers unparalleled performance. 

API Specification 6D Certification is a globally recognized standard that sets the benchmark for the design, manufacturing, and testing of specific valves used in the oil and gas industry. Achieving this certification is a testament to Kings Energy Services' commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.  

"The Saf-T-Matic has always been at the forefront of providing effective and environmentally friendly solutions for flowline applications," said Scott Fraser, President of Kings Energy Services. "With the API 6D Certification, we are not only reaffirming our commitment to excellence but also showcasing the unparalleled reliability of our product." 

Manufactured exclusively at our state-of-the-art facility in Red Deer, Alberta, the Saf-T-Matic ensures complete line protection against high-pressure overloads and potential loss of fluids due to line ruptures. 

For more information about the Saf-T-Matic or to inquire about its applications, please contact Kings Energy Services at 1-866-660-5464. 

About Kings Energy Services Ltd., 

Kings Energy Services Ltd. is a leading provider of energy solutions based in Red Deer, Alberta. With a focus on valves, electrical & instrumentation, drilling services and manufacturing, the company offers a comprehensive range of solutions to clients in various industries. Kings Energy is an API Q1, API 6D & ISO 9001:2015 certified organization committed to delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions. 




Saf T Matic achieves API 6D Certification