Chemical Injection Pumps


Monkey pumps combines quality, versatility and economics to provide the most proven and reliable chemical injection pump for today’s industries.  From industry leading environmentally friendly ZERO emission pumps, to strong highly durable, high quality, reliable glycol pumps nothing compares to Monkey pumps chemical injection capabilities.  Options for carbon credit electric chemical injection packages available.

Monkey Pumps

Monkey Pumps

Proven, reliable, and versatile chemical pump to meet demanding industry requirements. Monkey Pumps offer multiple pump styles (Spyder, Chimp, Orangutan) all with variable plunger sizes, injection rates and 316ss standard construction. Monkey Pumps is a company that has a lot of fun specializing in building pumps, from environmentally friendly ZERO emission "Green Banana", to their strong highly durable, high quality, reliable Gorilla glycol pump!


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black howler v2BLACK HOWLER


 M15 SpiderMoney isoM-15 SPIDER MONKEY

M25 1    M-25 CHIMP

Product M50M-50 ORANGUTAN



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