Electrical and Instrumentation Services Alberta

Did you know? Kings Energy is a leader in providing Electrical Services.

When it comes to electrical solutions, We don’t just meet the requirements we set the standard. We are a design/build service provider, and can support the entire project lifecycle from project planning and major equipment procurement, through to integration and site installation, and finally ongoing maintenance services.


Electrical ServicesOur services include, but are not limited to:

Check Mark E-houses and power distribution/switchgear buildings

Check Mark Control Panels and System design

Check Mark Heat Tracing Installations and Load Testing

Check Mark Temperature Control

Check Mark Arc Flash Analysis

Check Mark LED Upgrades, Lighting Installation and Retrofitting

Check Mark Facility Automation

Check Mark IoT Technology Installs

Check Mark Solar System Checks and Repairs

Check Mark Infra-red Scanning Services

Check Mark Custom Electrical Work and Maintenance

Check Mark Motor Control Cleaning & Testing Re-torque

Check Mark UPS Battery & Function Testing

Check Mark PLC Panel Termination


At Kings Energy Services we will upgrade and update your electrical systems and controls including surplus equipment sizing and sourcing.

We offer capital upgrades and new equipment installs within a range of industries, including food & beverage, petrochemical, energy & renewables, and manufacturing & distribution. We are a design/build service provider, and can facilitate the entire asset creation and installation process, from planning, through construction and installation on-site, to maintenance and follow-up. Our Maintenance Services Include:


Electrical Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services 


Check Mark Preventative Maintenance

Kings Energy Services is an industry leader in the provision of planned maintenance that prolongs the lifespan of your electrical equipment and infrastructure. Planned preventative maintenance will Increase your uptime and equipment lifespan while lowering operating costs. When you work with Earthtech to develop a preventative maintenance schedule, you will benefit from surplus equipment sizing and sourcing as well as shutdown and turnaround support and services.

Check Mark Predictive Maintenance

Tap into the power of IoT technology to help you predict your asset performance, increase your uptime, and lower operating costs. Predictive maintenance puts you a step ahead, allowing your operation time to plan future maintenance with confidence while monitoring your equipment in real-time.

Check Mark Emergency Response

Equipment errors, faults, and breaks are not a matter of “if”, these events are a matter of “when”. When your electrical systems give you trouble, trust Earthtech to address your equipment issues fast & avoid downtime. We have built, repaired, and maintained a wide variety of systems, and can quickly diagnose and repair your equipment failure. Contact us today to set up a line of communication for emergency maintenance needs at your facilities.

Check Mark Electrical Auditing

When contracted to run an electrical audit of your operations, Earthtech will document equipment layout, specifications and condition, and ensure accurate upkeep of maintenance logs and records for both tracking and HSE purposes. Based on the results of your audit, we will work with you to optimize your operations on the basis of efficiency, ease of maintenance, safety, and future needs. Common outcomes of electrical audits include LED upgrades, planned preventative maintenance scheduling, systems upgrading, and potential system repair. To schedule an audit of your facilities/operations, contact Earthtech today.


Why Choose Kings?

Check Mark Experience & Knowledge: Decades of expertise at your service.

Check Mark Customized Solutions: Tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Check Mark Industry Leaders: Setting standards in electrical services.


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Energy & Renewables

Energy & Renewables Capabilities

• Full engineering and design of medium and low voltage e-houses – In-House

• Procurement, installation and integration of 2000HP 4160VAC VFD

• FEED and feasibility study and costing services – understand true project budget and costs

• Engineering and construction under ONE roof, meaning less RFI’s and SCN scope, lower cost of ownership, and more efficiently managed project execution

• Real-Time project visibility with our project control and management platform

• Continuous improvement as engineering and construction teams are aligned with direct and open communication

• Pre-wiring and complete integration and FAT testing prior to shipment

• Procurement and expediting of all major equipment – switchgear, MCC, VFD’s (med and low voltage)

• Custom engineering and design-build of VFD panels, PLC/DCS systems, motor control systems (pre-build, pre-commission, pre-certify) with lower risk, lower cost, and expedited delivery

• HVAC design and installation

• PLC and control system integration

• Field construction



Petrochemical Capabilities

• Professional in-house engineering design and drawings

• Full control system, automation design and commissioning:

• Pre-wiring and modular services (Electrical, heat trace, controls design and installation).

• Custom panel design and build

• Custom packaging for Power Distribution, Measurement,Generation, Motor control

• Purge panels

• Hazardous location panels

• Engineering and Design Services 


Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Capabilities

• Equipment relocation

• Plant automation design and integration – from solution development to implementation and training

• Robotics and motion control

• Conveyors, QA, sortation

• Safety engineering and controls

• Facility optimization and PM program implementation

• 24/7 ON-Call service and maintenance

• Capital improvement engineering design and ROI basis

• PF correction and power monitoring for cost analysis

• HVAC control, building automation and optimization

• Thermal imaging and scanning

• Facility audits and upgrades

• PLC and controls service, upgrading and optimization

• Wireless detection for temperature, vibration, sound levels, air quality and more