Kings Energy Service offers extensive line-up of high quality specialty products including Rayotek Sight Windows, Monkey Pump chemical injection pumps, and our Patented Focus 2.0 optical flow meter (OFM) for flare gas.  

Rayotek sight windows ideal for extreme thermal, chemical & pressure environments or ultra-high vacuum, high purity, cleanroom rated systems. Manufactured to exacting standards and ISO 7-1:1994, Rayotek sight windows are a low-cost solution for viewing and observation ports for fluid, flame and gas viewing, indicators and sensors. Monkey pumps combines quality, versatility and economics to provide the most proven and reliable chemical injection pump for today’s industries.  From industry leading environmentally friendly ZERO emission pumps, to strong highly durable, high quality, reliable glycol pumps nothing compares to Monkey pumps chemical injection capabilities.  Options for carbon credit electric chemical injection packages available. Kings Energy Focus 2.0 flare gas optical flow meter utilizes the state of the art L2F Velocimetry technology.  Focus 2.0 OFM uses precise lasers to measure the gas flow by sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in gas. Easy to install and easier to maintain Kings Energy's OFM provide the highest turn down ration, widest capability range with the most accurate reliability.  Kings Energy is constantly pursuing specialized solutions to industries across Canada and the World.