Kings Energy Services repairs, reconditions, and recertifies all orifice changers. 

From 2" single chamber to 18" dual chamber orifice changers, Kings provides quality onsite reconditioning or in-shop recertification of all orifice changers.
We provide a comprehensive listing of services including fabrication of new piping for your meter run requirements.  Kings Energy completely disassembles, sandblasts, cleans, reconditions, repairs, and recertifies all meter runs in a timely and efficient manner.
Specializing in TMCo - SureShot Orifice Changers, Kings is known throughout Canada for our sales, manufacturing, and service capabilities of all makes and models of fittings.  Kings Energy services TMCo - SureShot, Daniels, Canalta, NOV, Northstar, as well as any other orifice fitting.