How proper product selection plays an important role in a companies environmental impact

 The environment plays an important role in all of our lives, having a healthy ecosystem purifies the air we breathe, maintains soil, regulates the climate, cleans our waters, and provides food to many different species. With Green initiatives starting to appear in many conversations around the world, it is essential for companies to take note of the important role they play in protecting the environment. At Kings Energy Services we strongly believe that companies have the opportunity to provide products and services, which will increase efficiencies and system integrity while reducing down-time, product spillage, and gas emissions.

Proper product selection along with product knowledge is extremely important. Mitigating one’s risk of environmental impact can be as simple as implementing the right product. Some products we provide that may help lower your chances of leaving a negative imprint on the environment include:

Saf T Matic v2The Saf-T-Matic, this valve is an essential component for all flow line applications. It is a highly dependable safety valve which automatically controls the shutdown of flow lines when pressures exceed, or fall below, pre-determined limits. The Saf-T-Matic can be used in various applications including oil well flow lines, gas lines, hydraulic lines, or in any situation requiring high- and low-pressure limits. This system provides complete line protection of high-pressure overloads and/or loss of fluids in the case of a line rupture. With the Saf-t-Matic being completely self-contained it is a great product for site safety and lower environmental impacts.


Rupture Pin The Rupture Pin is a relief valve that will save you time, operational expenses, and eliminate environmental concerns. The Rupture Pin valve relieves pressure at a specific set point with predetermined accuracy and dependability. Each valve is self-contained and self-actuating. Upon buckling of the pin, the valve is left fully open in a matter of milliseconds. The pin is external to the protected system and is tightly held in place at both ends. Many relief valves have been replaced in various system applications with Rupture Pin technology in order to minimize problems associated with mandatory yearly valve testing requirements. For example, spring loaded relief valves are known to leak near set pressure point and pilot operated relief valves tend to get clogged, resulting in a false sense of security. Comparatively, Rupture Pin valves provide a bubble-tight seal until the pin buckles. Unlike spring loaded relief valves, Rupture Pin relief valves offer full opening port at set point. 


Rupture Pin 1The Focus 2.0 flare gas optical flow meter (OFM) utilizes state-of-the-art technology. Focus 2.0 OFM uses precise lasers to measure the gas flow by sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in gas. The Focus OFM 2.0 can be used for:
    • Gas flow measurement for flare and vent gas applications
    • Flare monitoring for reducing waste & increasing process efficiency
    • Emissions measurement for compliance with environmental regulations
    • Bio-gas measurement applications

Measuring your company’s emissions proves to be an effective way to be aware and reduce your companies carbon footprint.

Monkey Pumps Web

Monkey Pumps Chemical Injection Pumps are designed to improve well production, pipeline flow, and reduce corrosion. Monkey pumps combine quality, versatility, and economics to provide the most proven and reliable chemical injection pump for today’s industries. Monkey Pumps offers a zero emissions pneumatic pump called the Green Banana which eliminates exhaust and is environmentally friendly. A great start towards getting rid or lowering your emissions.


as taurus 1AS Schneider Taurus double block and bleed valves are beneficial for preventing leakages or mixing of fluids with critical components. These valves are ideal for use in environments where there is a need to handle and manage toxic waste and other dangerous chemicals. With countless certifications and industry classification the Taurus valve will meet any critical application requirement.

Proper product selection also plays an important role in the function of a companies operating system, it can reduce energy consumption and help mitigate the release of greenhouse gases. When selecting your products, it is important to consider the energy costs associated with them, as these energy savings also translate into a reduction in your companies’ carbon footprint.

258207109 921314951857373 5956528451767503034 nProducts are not the only player when it comes to improving a company’s environmental impact. Servicing also plays a big role. With regular maintenance and proper monitoring, you can lower your risk of products causing damage to the environment they are in. Did you know in refineries a large majority of emissions come from leaking valves? Valve servicing is an effective way to keep your valves serviced and properly operating. Maintaining the integrity of your product is very important, a leak can cause a wide array of problems towards the environment. Proper planning of servicing is another important factor in valve maintenance, working with an experienced service provider can help you with scheduling maintenance, tracking data/records, analyzing challenges, and providing you with solutions.

Unfortunately, much of the impact that has been made on the environment over the years is irreversible. Taking small steps towards a healthier environment can be as simple as introducing a new product or having an existing one serviced. At Kings Energy Services we are proud to provide products and services to many industries around the world and we are committed to providing solutions that help our customers and the environment.