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Meter Run

Meter Runs

At Kings Energy Services we offer custom meter runs built to your specifications and to meet measurement code.

Our manufacturing team will work with you to create a custom meter run package to meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s custom connections or fabricating upstream and downstream pipe sections we have the solution.

 Additionally, we offer disassembly, sandblasting, cleaning, reconditioning, repair, and recertification of all meter runs in a timely and efficient manner.





Commonly Paired with TMCO Orifice Fittings

TMCO Single and Dual Orifice Fitting

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7600 Liquid Relief Valve

2inchLiquidLreiefCutawayHigh Pressure - to 8,000PSI • Pressure Control • High Volume - to 650 GPM

Designed for protection against over-pressure for vessels, pumps, flow lines and other applications. It is a rugged and versatile valve capable of handling a wide range of pressures.

  • Standard Valve is constructed from Aluminum-Bronze material
  • For 316SS Valve Replace “AB” With “316” In Part Number
  • Any flow from weep hole indicates that the keeper seal is worn and should be replaced.


Material Specifications:

  • Body: 2" Aluminum-Bronze or 316SS
  • Ball & Seat: Sure Seal 316SS Double Sided Seat
  • Seat Frame: 316SS
  • Spring: Disc Spring
  • Inlet: 2” male NPT, Integral 2” 602, 1502
  • Outlet: Dual - 2" Female
  • Design: CRN (0C12907.2) to ASME B31.3

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7600 Liquid Relief

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8E0T1149 sm

Data Loggers

King's Energy Services carries our own line of data , which are highly accurate and are capable of logging pressures up to 60,000psi down to the millisecond.  Small and very versatile, this piece of equipment can be used in several applications including (but not limited to):

  • Hydro-testing
  • Wellhead Casing bowl tests
  • Pipeline pressure tests
  • HP testing
  • Tests measurements from milliseconds to years

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Focus® 2.0 Optical Gas Flow Meter

OFM logo

An advanced cost-effective system for gas velocity and volumetric flow rate measurements independent of pressure, temperature and gas composition.

The system's principal technology, Laser-2- Focus Velocimetry, uses laser beams to measure the gas flow by sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in gas. The Focus 2.0 system consists of the flow sensor, an optical flow processor and a heater power supply. The system includes the new user-friendly software with a Wizard mode that enables an easy step-by-step configuration of parameters.

Easily installed and maintained in the field, the system requires only one installation point in the gas line and takes less than 3 hours to install under normal conditions without interrupting site operations or entire system shutdown. The Focus 2.0 is used to accurately measure a wide range of flow rates in a variety of pipe diameters (4” – 30” Inches).



  • Gas flow measurement for flare and vent gas applications

  • Flare monitoring for reducing waste & increasing process efficiency

  • Emissions measurement  for compliance  with  environmental regulations

  • Biogas measurement applications


  • Easy to install

  • Cost-effective

  • High turndown ratio of 1500:1

  • Compliant with ASME Code Section VII, Division I for CSA

  • Windows 7, 64-bit compatible software features easy configuration download-all settings saved appended to data log

Processor Capabilities

  • 4-20 mA velocity/flow rate output

  • 4-20mA pressure and temperature inputs

  • Frequency pulse outputs

  • RS-485 digital communication output with MODBUS RTU

  • Window-based OFM Monitor data analyzing and graphing software


Please download the Product Brochure PDF for more information. 

Optical Flare Meter Brochure


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Tri Flo Diffuser v2

Tri Flo Diffuser

Tri Flo Diffuser

  • Choke Valve Protection
  • High Pressure Drop Solution
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Maintain Safe Flows

Design Principles

  • Redirects flow pattern through the choke
  • Eliminates damaging flow characteristics through converging patterns
  • Creates a secondary pressure drop within the valve
  • Maintains unobstructed volumes through the choke due to an increased flow area


  • To be used with 2” multi-orifice style choke valves - MC,MDI, MDA
  • Designed for high pressure drop applications & pressure differentials

Sizes Avaliable

  • 1/4”
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2”"
  • 5/8”
  • 3/4”
  • Threaded or Wafer


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      Tri Flo Button v2


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