Innovation The Story of the Tri Flo Diffuser

The story of the

How it startedBenefits

The Tri-Flo Diffuser concept started back in 2011 where a lot of inventions start... at the kitchen table. The table was where the initially drawings were drafted, which ultimately lead to designing a device to change the flow pattern downstream of a choke having high differential pressures across.

The Problem 

In this scenario, The high pressure jet streams created downstream of a choke cause erosional damage to the downstream piping infrastructure on injection wells. Typically this would result in failures on piping within 6 – 12 months which ultimately lead to spills.

The Problem Tri Flo

The SolutionThe Solution Tri Flo

Initially the flow diffusers main intention was to change the flow pattern, having fluid flows impact upon itself reducing the kinetic energy of the fluid being discharged from a choke operating at high  differential. To protect the piping downstream of the choke. Soon realized by applying surface area calculations that the flow diffuser could control and stage down the high differential pressure in three steps, surface area between diffuser shaft and body wall, triangulated ports size, and discharge nozzle. This also enhanced the capability of the flow diffuser to protect piping infrastructure as well as the choke, increasing choke longevity and reducing maintenance.

Proven Results

Proven ResultsThis Tri-Flo Diffuser pictured to the right went into service in 2014 and was removed 6years later in 2020.

While in service the average flow rate of the choke pressure was 170 m3/day @ 0 kPa downstream and the upstream choke pressure was 8600 kPa .

This Tri-Flo Diffuser's total service water injection throughput was approximately 370,260 m3

How it Works

• Redirects flow pattern through the choke

• Eliminates damaging flow characteristics through converging patterns

• Creates a secondary pressure drop within the valve

• Maintains unobstructed volumes through the choke due to an increased flow area

Proven Results 1Applications

• To be used with 2” multi-orifice style choke valves - MC,MDI, MDA

• Designed for high pressure drop applications & pressure differentials


Currently there is APPROXIMATELY 12 Tri Flo diffusers (wafer style) throughout various fields of a well known producing company in Western Canada.

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