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Kings Energy Services Ltd. Expands Electrical Services and Diversifies Industries with Acquisition of Earthtech Energy Services Inc. in Calgary, Alberta

[Calgary, AB October 2, 2023] - Kings Energy Services Ltd. (Kings Energy), a leading provider of energy solutions based in Red Deer, Alberta, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Earthtech Energy Services Inc. (Earthtech), a prominent electrical, instrumentation, engineering, design and controls services company located in Calgary, Alberta. This strategic move marks Kings Energy's desire to rapidly expand its services and ability to diversify across industries. 

The acquisition of Earthtech allows Kings Energy to broaden its service offerings and capitalize on the growing demand for electrical needs. Earthtech's extensive experience in electrical contracting, maintenance, and installations will complement Kings Energy's existing capabilities, creating a more comprehensive and versatile suite of services. 

Jason King, CEO of Kings Energy Services Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Earthtech to the Kings Energy family. This acquisition allows us to expand our reach into electrical services and diversify within industries. With Earthtech's expertise, we are well-positioned to provide comprehensive energy solutions to our clients and meet their evolving needs." 

The acquisition of Earthtech enables Kings Energy to leverage its resources and expertise across a broader spectrum of industries. With Earthtech's established presence and reputation in Calgary, Kings Energy can better serve clients in the region and strengthen its market position.  

Earthtech Energy Services Inc. has a strong track record in delivering high-quality electrical services. Patrick Hogan past President of Earthtech and new VP of Operations for Kings Energy Services has developed a team of skilled technicians and electricians well-known for their professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Kings Energy is committed to retaining Earthtech's high level of services and preserving the company's excellent reputation in the industry. 

By diversifying its industries and further expanding into electrical services, Kings Energy is well-positioned to leverage new growth opportunities. The acquisition aligns with Kings Energy's long-term vision of becoming a leader in the energy sector, fostering innovation and efficiencies while offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. 

The completion of this acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and the energy industry as a whole. Kings Energy looks forward to building upon Earthtech's successes and delivering exceptional electrical services to clients across Alberta and beyond. 

About Kings Energy Services Ltd., 

Kings Energy Services Ltd. is a leading provider of energy solutions based in Red Deer, Alberta. With a focus on valves, electrical & instrumentation, drilling services and manufacturing, the company offers a comprehensive range of solutions to clients in various industries. Kings Energy is an API Q1, API 6D & ISO 9001:2015 certified organization committed to delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions. 

About Earthtech Energy Services Inc., 

Earthtech Energy Services Inc. is a leader in electrical, instrumentation, and controls engineering, construction service company located in Calgary, Alberta. With a wealth of experience in electrical contracting, maintenance, and installations, Earthtech delivers high-quality services to clients in the commercial, industrial, and energy sectors.