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In late 2021, Kings Energy Services was approached by a municipality looking for a solution that would provide overpressure protection for their water filtration system.

The Challenge?

The municipality was using Rupture discs in there wastewater facility. Rupture Discs are an older technology commonly used in upstream applications. Once burst, rupture discs do not reseat; therefore, the entire contents of the upstream process equipment will be vented out into the facility.

Knowing exactly what to provide, our team arranged to go to the facility to present our solution. In the middle of presenting our solution one of the facilities lines experienced an over-pressure causing an installed rupture disc to burst. This burst resulted in median being released into the facility. Talk about timing, this was the challenge the municipality reached out to us to solve and we were onsite to provide a solution.  Our solution would not only eliminate median being released into the facility when there is an overpressure, but also lower the man hours needed to reset the system and increase team safety by eliminating exposure to median.

Our Solution?Rupture Pin a brand of Taylor Valve Technologies Model C ASME valve

Rupture Pin, a brand of Taylor Valve Technologies Model C - ASME valve. The Model C- ASME valve holds a bubble-tight closed position until its pressure reaches an exact set point. At set point, the valve instantly opens to relieve pressure from a protected system meaning no contents of the equipment will be vented out. This valve is easy to reset, returning systems back to operational in a matter of minutes. This technology also allows systems to operate closer to maximum pressures alleviating the fear of premature failure associated with rupture discs.

Kings Energy Services was able to provide the municipalities wastewater facility with three new Rupture Pin Model C - ASME Valves to replace their existing Rupture discs. Rupture Pins unique technology is unlike conventional pressure relief valves and rupture discs. Moving forward it will provide the municipality with many benefits including:


Why Rupture Pin, A Brand of Taylor Valve Technology?

Over the years Rupture Pin has proven to be a valuable and reliable solution for a wide array of processes. The valves are manufactured and designed for custom applications, with the ability of reaching 20,000 psi. They provide a high degree of pressure set accuracy, reliability, reduced downtime, ease of maintenance and offer significant long-term cost savings.

Why Kings Energy Services?

 At Kings Energy Services we believe in providing solutions, if you are having challenges or issues within your process or current products, we will work with you and your team to come up with a reliable solution. We offer a collaborative team that is able to draw on many different departments to provide our clients with unique solutions. At Kings Energy Services we believe it is important to provide service that is driven by knowledge, expertise, and consistency.

 Kings Energy Services Certified Service Center for Rupture Pin Technology