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Space Concordia Rocketry Team: Supporting Projects that are out of this world!

In the world of rocketry, every component plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a launch. From the massive engines that produce thousands of pounds of thrust to the tiny screws that hold everything together, each part is essential. Among many of these projects are safety relief valves (PSVs) and pressure relief valves (PRVs)  which can play a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of rocket engines and their development. Kings Energy Services has been following the Space Concordia Rocketry Team's success for years after providing two valves made by Taylor Valve Technology for a student team in 2019. 


The  Journey 

In June of 2021, the SCRD team tested their experimental liquid-propelled rocket engine, named Stewart. The results were nothing short of spectacular. The engine produced a record-breaking 35kN of thrust, making it the most powerful rocket engine ever built by students in Canada. What's even more impressive is that it surpassed some rocket engines used by professional orbital launch companies. This achievement has not only put the SCRD student team on the map but also showcased the potential of student-led initiatives in the field of rocketry.

Space Concordia Rocketry Division Fires The World's Most Powerful Student-Built Rocket Engine


Fast forward to September 2023, the SCRD team embarked on another significant milestone. They travelled to Timmins, Ontario, where they faced one of their most challenging rocket engine tests. The outcome? A resounding success! The team not only secured a 1st place prize at the Launch Canada competition for their technical demonstration but also successfully conducted two 10-second duration hot fire tests on their latest flight engine prototype.

To put this into perspective, the engine generated a staggering 9,000 lbs (40kN) of thrust and withstood a peak flame temperature exceeding 3,500 degrees Celsius. That's approximately 2/3rds the temperature of the sun's surface! This progress not only validates the SCRD team's system design but also paves the way for future launches. With such achievements, Transport Canada has shown confidence in the team, granting them a launch approval waiver for the Starsailor rocket.


Slowmotion 9,000lbs (40kN) Rocket Engine Hotfire

The journey of the SCRD student team from Concordia University is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and collaboration. From our first introduction to the Space Concordia Rocketry Team in 2019 when we proudly provided valves for their program, to witnessing their monumental achievements today, it's been an inspiration to watch this team’s success!