Spring Break Up

With Spring Break up right around the corner it’s a great time to get your equipment repaired and recertified.

At Kings Energy Services our teams are committed to providing high-quality drilling and service rig hoisting equipment repairs and re-certifications with guaranteed commitments.

What is spring breakup?

As spring arrives in the western provinces of Canada, the temperature starts to rise resulting in the ground and roads becoming soft. Provincial governments and many municipalities ban heavy equipment from roads to prevent damage.  Meaning some rigs are unable to move from one location to another.

When is spring breakup?

It's dependent on weather. Typically, it occurs in April and May, but it depends on many different factors such as the amount of snow in the area and the temperature in the area over the winter months. A mild winter will usually result in a shorter/earlier spring break up where a snowy cold winter could have the opposite effect.

What are Kings repair and re-certification capabilities ?

Our repair and re-certification capabilities include:

• Crowns
• Bail Link
• Tubing Block
• Rod Hooks and Clevis
• Tubing Elevators
• Tubing Spiders
• Rod Elevators
• Self Retracting Lifelines (SAL)
• Weight Indicators and Pads
• Mud Pumps
• Mud Valves
• Kelly Valves
• Control Valves
• Electrical Panels and Lighting
• Blowout Preventor (BOP)



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