Want to maintain production levels and prevent freezing?


The days are drawing in, the temperature is dropping, and winter is quickly approaching. At Kings Energy Services we want to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming winter months with our CATCO catalytic heaters.

CATCO’s high-quality catalytic heaters are essential to have during Canada’s long and cold winters. These heaters will not only enhance your systems and processes throughout the cold but will provide reassurance that you will be able to maintain productivity even in the harshest of conditions.

How do CATCO Heaters work?

CATCO’s heaters produce heat through a catalyzation process, or chemical reaction, which creates heat by breaking down molecules. This heat-producing chemical reaction allows for the safe application of CATCO heaters in all industrial environments including hazardous settings. CATCO's flameless heaters produce radiant, infrared heat which offers many advantages over other types of heating.

Advantages of CATCO Heaters?

Catalytic heaters prevent hydrate formation and freezing which  are common problems when gas pressures fluctuates. Some more benefits include:

  • Simple Installation – CATCO Catalytic Heaters will operate efficiently on natural gas, propane, or butane.

  • Minimal loss of energy – The radiant, infrared heat that a catalytic heater generates warms only the object it’s directed at.

  • Cost Effective – CATCO’s catalytic heaters components are long lasting with minimal costs associated with installation, maintenance, and fuel.

Types of CATCO Heaters?

CATCO has an extensive range of catalytic heaters for various functions but primarily CATCO catalytic heaters are used for heated enclosures for valves and regulators, instrument gas and pilot preheating and space heating.

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Heated Enclosure Packages: CATCO offers a stainless-steel enclosure that mounts the catalytic heater directly onto the valve, this also serves to protect the heater from rain and snow. When the pressure of gas in a pipe is reduced, the temperature of the gas also reduced. If the reduction is significant enough, freezing can occur, causing a buildup of ice on the outside of the pump or inside the regulator


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Instrument Gas and Pilot Preheating: With pilot-operated regulators, freeze protection is only required for the pilot, making heated enclosure packages unnecessary. CATCO offers a simple heat exchanger that preheats the gas before it reaches the pilot. 

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Space Heating:  Space Heaters are perfect for areas with low winter  temperatures. These heaters are often used in buildings that house compression, measurement, or other equipment. Catalytic space heaters, which can be mounted on the wall or floor for directed heat, can be used to maintain a comfortable environment for personnel, or prevent equipment from reaching critical temperatures.

Industries that use or can use CATCO catalytic heaters, include but are not limited to:

  • The recreational industry, the smallest of catalytic heaters can heat tents, cabins, and other outdoor places

  • Agriculture, these heaters are safe for heating livestock enclosures

  • Oil and Gas industry, Many sites don’t have permanent power supplies, which limits heating solutions . even so you need to protect your valves and regulators from freezing to avoid a costly shutdowns.

For more information on CATCO Catalytic heaters contact one of our technical advisors at 1-866-660-KING or click the green chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.