Leading the Oil and Gas services industry since 1977, Kings Energy Services Ltd. provides the technical knowledge and expertise to meet the high demands of our valued clientele. From oil and gas production to processing, Kings provides industry leading valve, electrical, instrumentation, controls, calibration, and certification products and services. Kings offers in-situ valve testing and onsite servicing performed by our expertly trained technicians. Today’s technology facilitates reductions in downtime, man-hours, and expenditures. Service rigs are no longer needed to bolt up, repair or replace your damaged valve. Through the utilization of a side entry tool for removal or repair of casing valves on sour or sweet wells, Kings can have you operational in just a few hours. This tool incorporates a safety ball valve, which allows for the removal of the side entry tool during any stage of servicing. A side entry tool is a cost effective, safe, and efficient solution for removing a casing valve while the well is still live without the need for large costly service rigs.